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Pointellis™ provides the information exchange infrastructure to help enable the safe and accurate delivery of truly individualized cell & gene therapies (ICGT) to patients, at the right time and place, every time. Pointellis™, launched by EY, is a solution that reimagines the biopharma supply chain through a secure information exchange, with new processes and capabilities to help provide the patient with their individual therapy in the timeliest way possible. Pointellis™ is a fully connected data infrastructure that introduces new industry capabilities and services focused on enabling the core function areas within the digital ecosphere. Bringing together deep EY analytics knowledge and Microsoft technology, the digital ecosphere expedites the timely flow of information and materials along the end-to-end value chain, helping patients receive the care they need.
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23.6 million

new cancer cases could be diagnosed every year by 2030 according to the World Health Organization.

With the number of new cancer cases per year expected to exceed 23 million worldwide by 2030, cancer remains one of the world's most pressing health care challenges due to the costs involved. And this problem will be exacerbated by an aging and growing population worldwide, with more cancer patients seeking treatment in the future. Individualized therapies, the focal point of Pointellis™, can dramatically improve patient outcomes and alleviate the burden of cancer and mutation-based diseases. However, the approach to health care and therapy delivery will need to be restructured to create highly reliable, fail-safe delivery of individualized therapies at scale.